Gita Pumps India Pvt Ltd (formerly Gita Flo Pumps India Pvt Ltd), is a leading pump manufacturer in India. During the last 50 years of our existence we have designed variety of pumps to handle practically every liquid in various industries.

Our pump range includes horizontal split casing double suction, single stage, two stage high head pumps, end suction backpull out type process pumps, horizontal end suction chokeless pumps, horizontal and vertical mixed flow pumps, paper stock, self priming, rotary, gear, screw and lobe type pumps – all in a wide range of sizes.

Gita Pumps India Pvt Ltd is a professionally managed company run by engineers. Every department from manufacturing to marketing is looked after by Qualified Technical Staff which enables us to cater to the need of Customers in a efficient way.

Every new Designed / Developed pump is tested on our test bed to ascertain it’s duty parameters. When and only when it meets the desired results, it is offered to the customers.

Our latest developments:

  • Dynamically sealed pumps for any liquid wherever leaking is not desired. It is an inbuilt arrangement with the pump. While mechanical seal may not last even for few hours, the life of dynamically sealed pumps is in years or when the pump lasts.
  • High consistency pump ( 9% to 10% ) this will prove to be extremely useful for Paper industries.
  • AXIAL Flow Pumps
  • Vertical gear pump to pump out highly viscous liquid from the underground tank.
  • Hydro Turbines up to 250 KW

Equipped with the latest know on the designing of centrifugal pumps, we are constantly carrying out design modification improvements and upgrading of efficiency. Prototypes are tested & improved before put on production line for shipment to customers.

We are continuously testing pumps in our hydraulic test laboratory and the results are carefully recorded for proper interpretation to match with the desired performance.

Product Brochures

Gita’s Range of Pumps

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Sugar Industry Pumps



Juice and Syrup Industry


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