Chokeless Solid Handling

chokeless_solids handling

Applications: TYPE BC

Product Brochure BC PDF

Used for liquids containing soft solids in suspension. Suitable for abrasive or corrosive slurries, sewage, waste water, viscous, fibrous materials etc

Type BC pumps are used in sugar and paper mills, sewage handling, municipalities, chemical and fertilizer plants, cement and steel industries etc.

Range of Sizes:

Suction and Delivery: 63 x 50 mm to 200 x 200 mm
Capacity: 10 m3 / hr to 950 m3 / hr
Head: 5 m to 60 m
Speed: 960, 1450 RPM

Design Featues and Contruction Details:

  • Impeller: End suction closed or open choke less type impeller having 2 or 3 vanes with wide passage for easy flow of solids in suspension with the liquid. Back vanes are provided for balancing axial thrust and preventing gland leakage.
  • Volute Casing: Radially split volute is of ring type and has wide passage for easy flow of solids in suspension with a  smooth extra heavy section design for unobstructed flow. Abrasive or solids- laden flow go directly into vortex of liquid and out the discharge. No close clearances between casing and impeller (as in conventional pumps) to generate wear. Nothing between suction and discharge to jam, clog, break or bind … a totally non-clog concept in pumping.
  • Stuffing Box: This is extra deep for larger number of packing rings for effective sealing of liquid being pumped. Cage ring is provided for packing sealing lubrication and cooling. Mechanicals seals can be fitted on request.
  • Direction of Rotation: Pumps rotate clockwise when viewed from coupling end.
  • Material of Construction: Available in all iron, bronze, SS fitted and all stainless steel construction.
  • Bearing Housing: It is sturdier than comparable pumps and has longer bearing span. Bearing used are of heavy duty type.
  • Shaft: This is liberally designed ,specially at the impeller hub and is known to give longer life than others. It is available in EN-8 and stainless steel.
  • Note: Torque flow (TF) Pumps are also available for mill house purpose in all sizes.
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