Horizontal Self Priming


Self Priming Pumps. Type LF

Product Brochure LF PDF


  • Civil engineering and construction projects for dewatering work sites foundations and seepage water
  • Public health for cleaning sewers, manholes, drainage and pumping out accumulated stagnant water.
  • Maring Work – hanlding liquid cargoes from freighters, barges, tanks etc
  • Industries – Drainage, sump service and for handling non corrosive chemicals and other contaminated fluids
  • Irrigation and any other common use where centrifugal pumps can be used with the additional benefit of no-priming necesssity

Range of Sizes:

Suction Delivery 50×50 mm – 100×100 mm
Capacity: 2.4 to 39 litres / second
Head: 6 m to 30 m
Speed: 1440, 1500, 1800, 2880 , 3000 RPM

Design Features:

Gita type LF centrifugal pumps are specially designed with an exclusive mechanism for self priming action. Therefore no foot valveĀ  is needed, no priming headache and suction lift as high as 27 feet can be achieved.

Construction Details

  • Casing: Close grained cast iron casing of volute liquid chamber and has passages liberally designed for smooth flow and high efficiency. Wall thickness is designed for maximum working pressure.
  • Impeller: Both open and closed type impellers are available in a choice of metallurgy. Impellers are hand finished and balanced dynamically.
  • Shaft: Liberally designed shaft has maximum bearing to bearing distance in relation to bearing to impeller distance withinn the given parameters to achieve minimum deflection and long trouble free service life
  • Bearings: Deep groove antifriction ball bearings are used, selected with safety factor and greased for long working period
  • Direction of Rotation: Standard is clockwise looking from suction side. Alternative can be provided if desired.
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