Horizontal Split Casing Two Stage Pumps


Horizontal Split Casing Two Stage Pumps. Type ST

Product Brochure ST PDF


Booster Service, Firefighting, Mines, Process Industries, Water Works, Irrigation

Range of Sizes:

Size: 50 mm to 150 mm Delivery Size
Capacity: Up to  500 m3 / HR
Head: Up to 250 m
Speed: 1450 RPM

Design Features:

Gita make ‘ST pumps are horizontal split casing, horizontal shaft, two stage centrifugal pumps. They employ two single¬† entry closed impellers, mounted on shaft with suction in opposite direction. This arrangement balances the end thrust hydraulically.

Construction Details

  • Casing: Close grained cast iron, split horizontally, lower contains delivery and suction branches. Easy inspection by removing upper half and rotor assembly.
  • Impeller: Closed impeller, machined all over ,internal passages smooth finished for high efficiency, dynamically balanced after assembling on shaft.
  • Shaft: Designed for maximum load with adequate factor of safely ,accurately ground and finished, effectively protected from liquid to be pumped.
  • Impeller Neck Rings: Renewable neck rings are provided to keep suction improved, secured improved, secured in casting bore by half spigot joint.
  • Bearings Antifriction grease lubricated , heavy duty both side ball bearings capable of continuous operation.
  • Flanges: Drilled to BS 10 table D or ISS or other standard as per customer’s specifications.
  • Rotation: Standard is clockwise, looking from driver end, other as per requirement.
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