Mixed Flow


Pump type MF

Product Brochure MF PDF

Applications:Lift irrigation, Injection and spray water installation, Sewage disposal, Cooling Towers, Flood Control, Water Circulation, Water Treatment Plants, General Water Supply, Waterworks

Range of Sizes:

Size: Up to 600 mm Delivery Size
Capacity: Up to 3200 m3 / hr
Head: Up to 25 m
Speed: 960 TO 1440 RPM

Design Features:

Mixed flow pumps develop their head partly by centrifugal force and partly by the lift of the vane on the liquid. These pumps are suitable for handling large quantities of water at relatively low head. Owing to their cross sectional flow, they can pump liquid with impurities, even soft solids and sludge within limits.

Construction Details

  • Casing: It is of volute type, swept back in the direction of centerline of impeller flow. Supporting feet are cast integral with the casing.
  • Shaft: Liberally designed shaft is mounted on deep groove heavy duty bearings set wide apart , based on Gita’s exclusive design principle for trouble free pump life.
  • Bearings Housing: The rotating assembly is supported on heavy duty bearings mounted in a precision bored frame. Bearing are carefully sealed to exclude moisture and contaminants and retain lubricant
  • Flanges: Drilled to BS-10 table D drilling as per ISS ,DIN are also available on request.
  • Impeller: Both open and closed type impellers are available. Impeller vanes are designed for high efficiency incorporating most modern hydraulic design principles.
  • Rotation: Counter clock wise looking from suction side.


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