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Paper Stock Pumps. Type PS

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Gita PS type paper stock pumps are specially designed for handling pulp in paper and board industries up to a consistency of up to 8%.

Range of Sizes:

Size: 75 mm to 300 mm delivery
Capacity: Up to 900 m3 / hr
Head: Up to 50 m
Speed: 1450 RPM
Pulp Consistency: Up to 8%

Salient Features:

  • Back pull-out type design.
  • Quick removal of rotor assembly.
  • Easy replacement of gland packing.
  • Adjustment front wear plate.
  • 100% interchangeable parts.

Design Features:

  • Casing: It is of volute type with top discharge and having mounted feet cast integral with it.
  • Impeller: The impeller is specially designed, open on both side and swept back for easy flow of liquid, The possible chocking or packing of fibrous material in the back of the impeller.
  • Shaft: Shaft is designed with a liberal factor of safety which enables the pump to be driven by V-belt pulley mounted directly on pump shaft, if desired. Adequate bearing span is kept to eliminate chance of deflection or efficiency.
  • Stuffing Box: Extra deep to accommodate adequate number of gland packing.
  • Wear Plate: is provided on suction side, which is locked securely with the suction cover. This keeps the clearance between impeller and wear plate to a minimum for high pumping efficiency.
  • Bearing: Deep groove, heavy duty bearings are provided which are mounted in a sturdily designed bearing brackets. Bearings are grease lubricated.
  • Flanges: Flanges are drilled to BS-10 Table D. They can be supplied in ISS DIN standard also if desired.
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