Progressive Cavity Screw


Progressive Cavity Screw Pumps. Type BD

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Type BD Screw Pumps are used for pumping all types of viscous liquids in a host of industries such as mining, chemical, paint, food processing, effluent treatment, dairies and breweries, distilleries, sugar, paper, ceramics, cosmetics. medicine and other industries.

Range of Sizes:


Design Features and Operating Principles:

The Gita progressive cavity screw pump is a valveless positive displacement pump. The main pumping elements are rotating screw (rotor) of circular cross section and in the form of helically wound single pitch screw. The stator has twice the pitch length of the rotor.  As a result closed cavities are formed between the two pumping elements, in which the pumped material is transported continuously in an axial direction with every revolution of the rotor in the stator.

Material of Constuction

Gita type BD Screw Pumps are available in a wide variety of materials of construction, to suit individual customer requirements and as per characteristics of pumped liquid. Standard materials of constuction are as under:

  • Rotor: EN steel duly heat treated, hard chrome plated and AISI – 304, AISI 316 and other highly alloyed steels.
  • Stator: Steel pipe bonded with high grade natural rubber, neoprene, viton nitrile and silicone etc.
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