Rotary Magma

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Rotary Magma / Massecuite Pumps. Type RMG

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Gita RMG type Magma Pumps are excellent for pumping all types of Magma and Massecuite in the Sugar Industry, and other highly viscous liquids.

Range of Sizes:

Size: Upto 400 mm delivery size
Capacity: Upto 120 tph
Head: Upto 80 m
Speed: 40 RPM

Design Features:

Gita Rotary Magma pumps employ an elliptical rotor rotating at slow speed in a circular casing and displacing thick , high viscous liquid. Directly above the rotor is a swinging flap with one edge hinged and the other edge resting on the surface of the rotor. The latter has a replaceable round tip which scrapes visocus liquid off the rotor as it rotates. Therefore a positive displacement of the viscous liquid is achieved. The scraping edge of the flap always rests on the rotor surface dues to its weight. As the pump starts working, the weight of the liquid in the delivery pipe rbings the flap to bear more pressure on the rotor and hence the use of a spring to load the flap is not necessary.

Construction Details

  • Flap and Rotor Shafts: are mounted in bronze bushes. Casing and cover are extra heavy and rigid to withstand heavy torque of rotor shaft.
  • Special Design Features available in Gita RMG Pumps: All Gita RMG pumps are universal in design. They can be changed from left hand drive to right hand drive and vice versa at the customer’s site. To achieve this, a specially designed gland box cartridge is provided. To change direction at site reomve gland box from one side and and fit it on the other and interchange the blind plate. Pull out rotor along with shaft and insert it in the casing from the other side.
  • Material of Construction: Casing and cover are made of high grade grey cast iron and shaft of carbon steel. Rotor is available in grey cast iron, cast steel or bronze and cast iron fitted with replaceable gun metal tips, while scraper tip is either of mild steel or replaceable tip of bronze.
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