Vertical Mixed Flow

Vertical Mixed Flow Pumps. Type VMF


Product Brochure  VMF PUMP

Applications:VMF Pumps are mainly used in flood control, lift irrigation, cooling towers and spray ponds.

Application areas include: spray and injection water in sugar industry, cooling tower circulation, irrigation and drainage for agriculture,  HP/LP water pumps, condensate and misc. services pumps in power plants, fire fighting.

Range of Sizes:

Size: Up to 1000 mm delivery
Capacity: Up to 7000 m3 / hr
Head: Up to 30 m
Speed: 730, 980 RPM
Temperature: Up to 200 C

Design Features:

VMF Pumps are mixed flow pumps in vertical mode. They are design to handle large quantity of water at relatively lower heads.
Capacity:Up to 7000 m3 / hrHead:Up to 30 mSpeed:730, 980 RPMTemperature:Up to 200 C


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