Vertical Process



Dewatering applications where water is contaminated with solid particles, raw sewage, slurry, effluent, industrial waste transfer in industries, waste water. Drainage of basements, tunnels, boiler rooms, storm water, filtrate juice.

Range of Sizes:

Size: 32 mm to 250 mm delivery
Capacity: Up to 900 m3 / hr
Head: Up to 150 m
Speed: 1450 RPM
Temperature: Up to 200 C

Design Features:

Gita CDV type are centrifugal pumps of Type CD  and Type BC Non-clog pumps in vertical mode of installation. Closed type and semi-open type impeller designs are offered to handle a variety of liquids. The impeller is submerged, so pump does not require to be primed and is always ready for use. The positive suction condition also prevents the cavitation in the pump and pitting in impeller and diffuser. Due to positive head at suction the pump gives its rated performance as well as high overall efficiency whereas in horizontal pumps due to losses in suction line, foot valve etc. the rated performance of the pumps is not achieved.

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