Gita Pumps


Gita pump factory is situated at Saharanpur, about 160 Km north of New Delhi, on main road and rail route. It is built on 12,168 Sq. Mt. land area having total covered area of over 4,000 Sq. Mt. It has 110 KVA electric power grid connection and a total of 500 KVA diesel generators of different sizes for uninterruppted power supply.We have adequate machining capacity machines of various sizes and types including some CNC machines.

Production Facility:

We have following machines in our Machines Shop.

  1. 4 no. CNC Machine.
  2. 1 no. Computerized Dynamic Balancing Machine
  3. Fork Lift Truck Battery Operated.
  4. Hydraulic Fork Lift 5 TON Capacity ACE Make
  5. Hydraulic Press 2 NoS
  6. 17 Ft Lathe for large Shafts
  7. 8 ft. Lathe for small shafts
  8. 5 ton capacity overhead travelling cranes
  9. Dead weight tester for calibration of gauges.
  10. 4 Nos. Pellet Trucks
  11. 6 Nos. Measuring Gauges of precision type
  12. New pipe lines for testing of pumps.
  13. 01 Plano Miller Machine
  14. 01 nos 2 meter Bed size vertical Late

The nature of work is job shop type where only a few components of each types are machined. This is in view of the fact that we manufacture pumps against specific orders in small batches of very small to very large suction and delivery sizes. We have recently introduced following brand new machinery to upgrade machining facility.

  1. 19 nos. 6’ Lathe Machine.
  2. 3 nos. 8’ Lathe Machine.
  3. 2 nos. 10’ Lathe Machine.
  4. 1 no. 12’ Lathe Machine.
  5. 1 no. 16’ Lathe Machine.
  6. 1 no. Shot Blast Machine
  7. 3 Nos. Shaper Machine
  8. 6 nos. Radial Machine
  9. 2 no. Milling Machine
  10. 2 no. Slotting Machine
  11. 3 nos. Boring Machine
  12. 8 nos. Vertical Machine
  13. 01 2000 mm Bed vertical Machine
  14. 1 no. Plano Miller Big Size
  15. 8 nos. Tool Grinder
  16. 10nos. Hand Grinder.
  17. 4 nos. Flexible Shaft Grinder
  18. 5 nos. Angle Grinders

Performance Test Facilities:

We have the following testing facilities:

Pump Test Bed : Our new test bed has a capacity of testing of pumps up to 80 cusec at full speed of 960/750 RPM and upto 160 cusec and above at reduced RPM as per I.S.5120 Specifications. Our new hydraulic pump performance testing laboratory is comprised of following.

  1. a. ½ 90 degree V-notch for small pump.
  2. b. 90% V notch for medium capacity pumps.
  3. c. Small rectangular weir for large capacity pumps.
  4. d. Large rectangular weir for very large capacity pumps.
  5. e. Siemens make 8" Flow Meter capacity up to 1000 m3/hr
  6. f. Siemens make 10" Flow Meter capacity up to 1200 m3/hr
  7. g. Siemens make 20" Flow Meter capacity up to 6000 m3/hr
  8. h. Siemens make 24" Flow Meter capacity up to 8160 m3/hr

The test bed has a 5 tons capacity overhead travelling crane, for easy shifting of small to large size pump from test bed in a short time. All pumps are tested as per relevant Indian Standard specification.