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The Benefits/Advantages of Leak Proof Solid handling Non clog Pump with open impeller with Hydrodynamic Sealing

Leak-proof solid handling non-clog pumps offer several benefits and advantages in various industrial and municipal applications. Here are some key advantages:

  • Reliability:These pumps are designed to handle solid materials without clogging, ensuring a reliable and continuous operation.

  • The non-clog design reduces the risk of pump failure and downtime, making them suitable for applications where uninterrupted operation is crucial.

  • Efficiency:The ability to handle solids without clogging improves overall pump efficiency. This is particularly important in wastewater treatment plants, where pumps encounter a variety of solid waste materials.

  • Reduced Maintenance:The non-clog design minimizes the need for frequent maintenance and manual clearing of clogs, reducing downtime and operational disruptions.

Model BC
Pump Size 50 to 300mm
Capacity upto 1000 M3/hr.
Head upto 100 Mtr
RPM 960 & 1450

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