As we know Paper industry is one of the most technically demanding sectors. Manufacturing paper requires a variety of specialized and highly-engineered machines. Gita pumps one of the best Centrifugal Pump Manufacturers in India meet these demanding requirements. That is why many leading paper Industries rely on our pumps throughout their entire manufacturing process.

As we known, one of the most important processes in the paper and pulp industry is stock pumping. Traditional stock pumping solutions are categorised into two ranges: low consistency and medium consistency. Gita Pumps provides pumps without sacrificing effectiveness or overall performance for all consistency ranges.

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Pumps for Paper Industry


Chemical Process Pump With Semi Open Impeller

Gita 'KCP' type pumps are used in all processing industries such as chemical, petrochemical, refinery, nuclear, fertilizer, textile, paper, sugar and power plants. Liquid handled are various acids, alkalies, salt solutions, caustic solutions, oils, hydrocarbons, liquid gases, condensate, hots oils, hot water etc.


  • Impellers retain high efficiency
  • Pumps are available in C.I., Bronze, Stainless Steel or a combination of these and other special metals.
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Increased Component Life with more corrosion allowance
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Increased Efficiency


  • Back pull-out type design..
  • Quick removal of rotor assembly
  • Easy replacement of gland packing.
  • Adjustable front wear plate.
  • 100% interchangeable parts.


The Pump is very suitable where normal stock pumps cannot handle liquids due to plugging or abrasive wear. The principal of the hydrodynamic liquid coupling is used for the energy transfer to the pumping liquid. The impeller generates a whirlpool in the casing and this whirlpool acts as a pumping element (impeller) in the casing. Un-obstructed passage to the discharge size of the pump.