Gita Pumps


Scope:- Design/Development, Manufacturing, Supply and Assembling of all type of Centrifugal Pumps, Rotary Magma Massecuite Pumps, Injection Spray Pumps & Molasses Pumps, Deep Well Turbine, Vertical Mixed Flow and Propeller Pumps, Pulp Handling Pumps for Sugar Mills, Paper Mills, Distillery, Chemicals, Power Generation, Coal Mines, Irrigation & General Purpose Works.

GITA PUMPS INDIA PVT.LTD. is committed to produce best quality pumps at lowest cost for the National and International market which shall conform to the specifications of the services required and meet the specific customer's requirements in performances, safety, reliability, legal and regulatory aspects.

This is achieved by continually improving design and Quality Management.

System, process and technology upgradation through total employee and customer Involvement. This policy is reviewed periodically for suitability and changed, if deemed necessary.


We have a fool proof quality control set up, with qualified technical persons and Engineers to carry out inspection and testing at every step of manufacturing starting from casting to machining of components and assembly of pumps and their final testing.

The following tests are carried out.

  • Hydro -static pressure test to check soundness of pumps bodies, all pumps are checked.
  • Dynamic Balancing–All impellers are dynamically balanced before assembly in pump as per ISO 1940-1 Gr 6.3 .
  • Performance Test: Pumps are tested for performance as per duty rating of customer.
  • Dye penetration Test: All welded joints are tested by Dye penetration method for any possible cracks.
  • Ultrasonic Test: Critical parts are tested by ultrasonic methods to check soundness of casting.
  • Material Composition Test: Wherever necessary test pieces are taken out and sent to approved laboratory for chemical analysis. The results are kept in file for future reference.
  • Hardness and Grade Testing: Test bars are drawn from each heat of casting and sample test bar is sent to approved lab. for tensile test and determination of grade.

Each component is 100%, Inspected for dimensions as well as quality.

Final Inspection of each assembled pump is done and meticulous record is kept with the work order for future reference.


  1. 1. To Deliver Quality Products 99% on time.
  3. 2. Respond to Customer complaints on same day.
  5. 3. To implement 5S technique in our unit.