Gita Pumps

Gita pumps leading centrifugal pump suppliers in India providing pumping solution for Sugar Industry. The sugar industry is a highly demanding application where the Gita pumps fit perfectly. This market requires a pump that can gently handle very viscous fluids with abrasive particles even at high temperatures.

Gita Pumps has experience of more than 6 Decades in supplying Pumps for Mill House and Boiling House and is proud to have association with more than 100 Sugar Factories worldwide. Gita Pumps has managed to produce Pumps for every application for a Sugar Processing Plant.

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Pumps for Sugar Industry


Torque Flow Pump

These specially designed Pumps for Mill House/ Diffuser are very suitable where conventional non-clog pumps cannot handle liquids due to plugging or abrasive wear. The principal of the hydrodynamic liquid coupling is used for the energy transfer to the pumping liquid. The impeller generates a whirlpool in the casing and this whirlpool acts as a pumping element (impeller) in the casing.


  • Improved Hydraulics
  • Stiff Shaft Design
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Increased Component Life with more corrosion allowance
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Low Hydraulic Loads


  • IBack pull out type bearing frame assembly.
  • Hydraulically balanced, closed impeller for long life and high efficiency performance.
  • Heavy duty shaft with maximum deflection less than 0.05mm.
  • Special designed stainless steel impeller nut with helical spring insert to lock the impeller properly.

Dynamic Sealed Pump

These are specially designed pumps for Falling Film Evaporator and Juice applications in Sugar Industry. The pumps are Dynamically sealed where one repeller is used to avoid leakage and wasting of liquid from stuffing box. Repeller Reduces the pressure form stuffing box area and send back the liquid to suction line.