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Steel Industry is another very aggressive market for multistage high pressure pumps as well as centrifugal pumps today. Gita pumps is one of the best multistage high pressure pumps manufacturer in India, efficient and innovative pumps to cater the growing demands of Steel Industry This market covers a diversity in applications form very clean water to the most aggressive of fluids with mill scale present.

The multistage high pressure pumps product line is designed with industrial features right out of the box. Heavy wall casings, oversize shafts and bearings, thick wall shaft sleeves and hard face mechanical seals are only a few of the features and benefits that allow our products to excel in this very aggressive market. Our philosophy has always been to manufacture an industrial product and market it across all other less demanding markets. It is always easier to sell down but nearly impossible to sell up.

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Pumps for Steel Industry


Horizontal Split Casing Pump

This range provides a higher efficiency with lower maintenance. Development of this new range followed an extensive consultation with major users. This has produced an advanced pump, which provides total reliability and reduced life cycle cost.


  • Improved Hydraulics
  • Stiff Shaft Design
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Increased Component Life with more corrosion allowance
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Low Hydraulic Loads


Mixed Flow Pump

The SMF series are single-stage centrifugal pumps suitable for handling pure or contaminated liquids in large quantities. These pumps are of robust construction and have long working life. These pumps are highly efficient resulting in low energy consumption.


  • Semi-open impeller, hydraulically balanced
  • Handles abrasive slurries
  • High flow up to 7000 M3
  • Heavy duty bearing for maximum life