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The Benefits/Advantages of Zero Leak Rotary Magma / Massecuite Pump(With Antifriction Bearing)

Zero-leak rotary pumps offer several benefits and advantages in various industrial applications. While the specific advantages may vary depending on the design and application, here are some common benefits associated with zero-leak rotary pumps:

  • Improved Safety:By minimizing leaks, zero-leak rotary pumps contribute to a safer working environment. Reduced fluid leakage decreases the potential for slips, trips, and falls, and it also helps prevent exposure to harmful substances.

  • Energy Efficiency:Some zero-leak rotary pumps are designed to operate with high efficiency, reducing energy consumption. This can lead to lower operating costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

Model RMG-B
Pump Size 4" to 16"
Capacity upto 120 M3/hr.
Head upto 80 Mtr
RPM 24 to 40

gita pump

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