Gita Pumps

Desalination is a process for producing drinking water and service water from seawater and with pumps from Gita Pumps you are ensured a perfect desalination process. Gita pumps are well-known all over the world for their long lifecycle, low maintenance costs and low NPSH values. Gita centrifugal pumps are an obvious choice for water purification systems or reverse osmosis (RO) treatment.

We can supply pumps for both dry and submerged installation. In particular, Gita pumps are specifically designed to withstand corrosion, especially where the water has a high concentration of hydrocarbons and many chemicals.

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Pumps for Desalination Industry


Vertical mixed flow Pumps

Vertical mixed flow pumps are designed to be vertically mounted, saving valuable horizontal space. This makes them suitable for installations where space is limited.These pumps are capable of handling high flow rates, making them ideal for applications where large volumes of fluid need to be moved efficiently.


  • Un-obstructed passage to the discharge size of the pump.
  • Handles large solids & long fibers.
  • Gentle pumping action, no flocs / crystal damage.
  • Low maintenance cost, no sealing rings on impeller, no small clearances to be maintained.
  • Handles abrasive slurries.
  • Vibration free running due to hydraulically balanced construction.


  • IBack pull out type bearing frame assembly
  • Special designed stainless steel impeller nut with helical spring insert to lock the impeller properly.
  • Heavy sections to withstand high pressure and temperature.
  • Standard bearings are designed for a minimum average life of 20000 hours.


These are specially designed pumps for Falling Film Evaporator and Juice applications in Sugar Industry. The pumps are Dynamically sealed where one repeller is used to avoid leakage and wasting of liquid from stuffing box. Repeller Reduces the pressure form stuffing box area and send back the liquid to suction line.